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Some quotes for you to reflect on:

Wanna make God laugh? Tell him about your plans – Woody Allen

I always have a plan until I get hit in the face! – Mike Tyson

David beat Goliath because he competed differently and did not “play the game”. But did David have a Plan B?

Bureaucracy: A device for converting energy into solid waste. The word was first coined as an insult to government officials by 17th century French finance minister Jean Baptiste Colbert.

I don’t believe in employing unlucky people, that’s why I always throw away 50% of CVs without even looking at them – David Brent The Office

We advertise for CEO’s but human beings turn up.

Boards like families are dysfunctional, it’s a case of how dysfunctional.

Auditors only give you an opinion.

Cash is a reality check. Always follow the money!

Facts are stubborn, statistics more pliable – Mark Twain

Teams are as old as civilisation. Even Jesus had 12 workers and one of them turned. Board too big?

I always advise people never to give advice – P G Woodhouse

In business as in life, you get what you tolerate.

I will join the Procrastination Society next month

Complaining against uncertainty is not a strategy

No matter how beautiful the strategy you should occasionally look at the results – Winston Churchill

When creating strategy avoid fatal attraction to spreadsheets.